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Glick President and CEO Featured in Affordable Housing Finance Magazine

By Glick Communications

Posted on June 5, 2018

Glick President and CEO David O. BarrettWhat does the Gene B. Glick Company look for when acquiring a property? Affordable Housing Finance magazine’s Donna Kimura recently interviewed Glick President and CEO David Barrett, asking him that question and several others.

Barrett said: “We look for affordable properties that are currently serving their residents well but need improved management and operations and an infusion of capital for physical improvements and upgrades. Many of our acquisitions are fine properties that simply need a little TLC to preserve them for the foreseeable future. We are very good at delivering these improvements and adding value.”

Read more on Barrett and Glick’s history, philanthropy and plans for the future, here.






  • Comment by Anonymous

    I am a resident of a Glick property. I am impressed with the way this company operates and find it comforting that they do take care of these properties. Am impressed with the way they treat their employees The caring management here does a wonderful job and do feel this a very safe place to live. Thank you Glick Co.

  • Comment by Ron

    My wife and I are moving back to Wisconsin. Reason being is to be closer yo our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!! Our daughter manages one of your buildings and we plan on getting an apartment there. Its a very nice unit and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan! Were in the process of selling our place in Arkansas and can’t wait to be with our family!

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